When You Need Serious Security



   We are Les and Tami Moyer and our company, FireHawk Security, takes you beyond the typical locks and keys that have been used for generations. With the advent of electronics and higher tech patents, we are experts in the new approaches to helping you keep what belongs to you that are available right here, right now!

   It's not enough to have the right products.  FireHawk serves the Florida Keys with a rarity: Personal, professional, confidential and affordable service! 

PERSONAL:  We personally get to the bottom of your concerns and offer the specific solutions you need. We'll take your project from beginning to end. 

PROFESSIONAL:  Les has been a Security Technician since 1987. Living in Key West for the past 7 years has given us insights into common security problems here. High turnover of employees, a disturbing level of corruption in public organizations and even family squabbles add to the sense of distrust many people feel. We can help with that!


CONFIDENTIAL:  Not only do you deal with a married couple with your security projects, you deal with folks that don't drink or do drugs, don't have employees and are happily married!  We DO NOT share your information with anyone.  Simply put: Your business is your business. 

AFFORDABLE:  It's basic, really... we do not charge 'Florida' prices for our services. Let us impress you with our quotes for service.

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